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Corporate and M&A

Private Tenders   
Corporate Compliance 
Mergers and Acquisitions
Contractual Law

Advising foreign investors on the incorporation and operation of Mexican subsidiaries

Advising several Mexican and foreign companies from different industries on the legal aspects of their day-to-day operation, including contractual and commercial matters. 

Representation of foreign clients in the acquisition of indirect control of Mexican entities for their inorganic growth.

Representation of Mexican companies in the structuring of joint venture agreements to install and operate an industrial plant abroad.

Representation of national and foreign clients for the acquisition of companies in Mexico, including due diligence and legal design of the investment structure, as well as the negotiation and preparation of all legal documents related to the acquisition of the Mexican company, regularization of corporate and contractual matters and assistance in daily operations.


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Corporate Finance & Financial Services

Corporate Financing.
Financial Services and Institutions.

Advising foreign investment funds on the creation of a package of Mexican guarantees by its Mexican subsidiaries, guaranteeing the due payment and fulfillment of the obligations of the parent company under a certain senior credit agreement for more than one billion euros, involving subsidiaries of the parent company in more than 10 different jurisdictions around the world.

Representation of an internationally recognized financial group as a creditor in the negotiation and preparation of Mexican guarantees for the granting of a syndicated credit for 60 million dollars. 

Advice in the preparation of intercompany credit agreements as well as for the proper documentation of credit operations with customers and suppliers.

Advising national and foreign companies on the implementation of financial activities such as the issuance of credit and prepaid cards, the management of cardholder accounts and their relationship with national and international clearing houses. 

Technology & entertainment

Information Technology 
Sport & Entertainment


Oil and Gas.

Advice to national and foreign companies for their incursion into the wholesale electricity market.

Advice and preparation of the necessary documentation for the preparation of RFP procedures for obtaining better electricity supply offers.

Advising on regulation and contractual matters (both for customers and suppliers), supply and transport of oil and hydrocarbons.


Legal contracts are subject to commercial disputes resolved in the courts of justice, contract with gavel.
Civil & Commercial litigation

Advice and representation in commercial litigation.
Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures.
Advice and representation in judicial and/or out-of-court collections.

Portfolio collection

Settlement of disputes over securities and credit operations

Resolution of disputes related to financing

Real Estate Litigation


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Intellectual Property

Advice on IP protection, including registration of works of authorship and artistic names, periodic publications, database and computer program protection, and digital environment protection.
Filing, defense, and prosecution of patents,  trademarks, copyrights, utility models and designs.
Advice on franchise agreements, and defense of disputes arising from them.
Litigation regarding IP, industrial property, and franchises
Trademarks and Patents
Data Privacy

Advice for the filing of Trademark Registrations in its different classes, taking into consideration the client’s business and industry to obtain the best benefits and protection of their industrial property.

Consultancy in Patent Registration with the support of specialist advisors in the engineering and technical fields required.

Consultancy for the structuring of royalty payments, as well as licenses and sublicenses of trademarks, patents and copyrights to achieve financial efficiencies.

Copyright records for clients developing intellectual works in the manufacturing industry as well as in the software industry for the protection of their source codes. 

Support in the commercial growth structured under the figure of Franchise Contract, in conjunction with all its contractual and documentary packages. 

Advice to Franchisees in order to support them in their decision making to proceed under a Franchise. 

Preparation of Confidentiality Agreements and Privacy and Personal Data Protection Notice.


Public Tenders

Federal Public Tenders
State Public Tenders
Municipal Public Tenders

Support for individuals and legal entities participating in public bidding processes with government entities at the municipal, state and federal levels. Legal review and ruling on compliance with requirements necessary for the bidding process.


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Litigation & Criminal Compliance Regulation

Anti-money Laundering
Corporate Compliance
Corporate and Financial Crimes
Business and Human Rights 

Advice and representation of a real estate company in order to settle a dispute over the crime of dispossession of property, the same matter where the possession of hundreds of hectares, owned by the represented was in dispute. Thanks to a joint work with prosecutors, it was possible to avoid prolonged litigation, ending in a reparation agreement after several negotiation rounds, so that the company could recover its property.

Advice and representation of both individuals and legal entities, faced with an incorrect determination when imputing or attributing to them behaviors with the characteristics of the crime of tax fraud and tax fraud comparable. 

Advice and representation of both natural and moral persons before debates that violate the sphere of criminal law, in matters of intellectual property and disclosure of secrets, thus managing to safeguard these important intangible rights.

Advice and representation of credit institutions and auxiliary agencies in criminal matters related to the activity of financial factoring, managing to recover significant amounts of money. • Advice and representation of manufacturing companies for crimes caused in the supply chain, property crimes carried out by personnel of the same companies, such as theft, fraud, breach of trust, fraudulent administration, among others. 

Advice and representation in criminal matters of one of the largest supermarket chains in Mexico, representing them both before investigating authorities and judicial authorities, in advice and defense in various states of the Mexican Republic (common and federal courts).


Professional men engineer worker skills quality, maintenance, training industry factory worker , warehouse Workshop for factory operators, mechanical engineering team production.
Labor Law & Social Security

Federal and Local Proceeding. 
Stages of conciliation (Strategy).
Assistance in job termination. 
Advice on labor matters (individual) in general.
General advice on collective labor matters.
Immigration Law

Representation before the Conciliation and Arbitration Board in Labor Lawsuits of senior management officials, both as plaintiff and defendant. These procedures are often extremely complex due to the sophistication of the evidence that both parties can offer, generally high salaries, longer antiquities and benefits over and above what the Federal Labor Law and other corporate benefits and equity options mark.

Employer representation in Labor Lawsuits offering complex evidence, involving technological tools, computer equipment, videos and other media, facial recognition expertise, among others, as well as offering evidence through letters rogatory and assistance from various authorities to prove the falsity of the statements and facts narrated by the other party.

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Real State

Land Acquisition
Lease Agreements
Trust Agreements
Construction Agreements

Negotiation of construction agreements with specialized subcontractors for metal foundry plants and other heavy industries. 

Support in the negotiation of contracts of promise of purchase of real estate as well as in the formalization in public deed of purchase of real estate before notary public.

Support to foreign companies in their search processes for industrial and commercial properties with the main industrial parks of Mexico (softlanding).

Review and preparation of real estate trust agreements specifically designed for the purchase and sale of real estate and development of industrial warehouses as well as residential developments.. 

Review and negotiation of leases and subleases, either directly or under shelter for foreign companies that begin operations in Mexico.


Wealth Management & Succession Planning

Asset Management
Family Protocol

Advice on the structuring of assets, wealth and inheritance and planning through trust contracts.

Preparation and negotiation of contracts between partners to achieve agreements regarding business management, contribution planning and construction of agreements between investors.

Representation in judicial and extrajudicial processes of adjudication of property by reason of inheritance.

Support in the preparation and development of family protocol



Preventive Audits.
Integral Certification Scheme.
Legal Defense
Procedures and formalities.

Assistance to domestic and foreign clients under the IMMEX program and tariff reduction in specific industrial sectors under PROSEC

Advice and support for obtaining IEPS VAT certification

Legal advice for domestic and foreign clients for their Import and Export operations in general